Thomas and Brett back in the US

“Though it’s a few days past and over 3,000 miles away from the actual moment of our ceremony, we wanted to thank those responsible for throwing us head first into one of the most exciting experiences we’ve had as a couple. From hitting the ground running in New York City to being hauled across a Hoth-like world by flashlight and sled-dog guidance, we’re still settling into the reality of what we did and what we were given. SAS, VisitSweden and Stockholm Visitors Board spared no expense in exposing us to what Sweden had to offer or, more specifically, what we would have had difficulty financing. They lived up to their promises of surprising us at each transition of the trip, and for those times we had to ourselves, we really couldn’t have asked for better conditions. Framing our time together in the grand scheme of the trip, we began to understand the support network we had amongst ourselves, as well as the team behind the trip. So, thanks to our supporters and sponsors and, to everyone reading, happy new year!”


 ”It’s been almost two weeks since we’ve returned, and it still thrills me that Thomas and I were lucky enough to have our commitment memorialized by a trip to Sweden. The reception in New York City gave me plenty to talk about for months to come. The nights we spent in the ICEHOTEL, farther-north-than-we’ll-ever-probably-be-ever-again-in-our-lives, will be a special memory between us as long as we’re together. I’d like to extend my thanks for a wonderful weekend in Stockholm to VisitSweden, as well as to SAS for a pair of luxurious flights. The company was exceptional, the food unique, and we can’t wait to see everything again someday.”


This is us with  Ben Rousseau, the creator of the “Legacy of the River” room at the ICEHOTEL (the one we spent the night in)

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Season’s Greetings from SAS Social Media Team

’Twas a week before Christmas at London-Heathrow
The skies darkened over and it started to snow

And just as they say that it pours when it rains
The snow kept on falling, grounding all planes

Pretty soon all terminals were flowing over
With passengers wanting to go home to their lover

For two long days, not a plane left the ground
And we brought the old Facebook-team around

From early morning, to late at night
We were on Facebook, setting things right

With the help of our friends, all over SAS
We did what we could to help with some class

Rebookings and care, refunds and trains
The questions came back – “Where are the planes?”

Our colleagues all over this great air line
Pulled all the stops, to make it all fine

When it all seemed hopeless, and spirits started to fall
Someone wrote “SAS – you rock!” on our wall

All spirits were lifted and we had another go
Helping out or passengers, stranded by snow

And just as we said: “Enough with this trouble”
“We’re going to London – bring your own shovel!”

The good news came, from that snowed-in aerodrome
“Both runways are open – we’re flying home”

And the news started flowing, on Facebook and Twitter
We’re back in business – we’re leaving this sh***er!”

And as planes rose into that wintery sky
With cheers from every SAS-gal and –guy:

“Let’s fill those airplanes, and don’t groan!”
“We’re finally, finally binging’em home”

With only a few hours until Christimas-dinner,
We’ve proven once again – social media’s a winner!

With lightening speed, and in a folksy tone
We reach out to people’s PC and smart-phone

So next time you find yourself in a mess,
Type in facebook dot com slash S-A-S

So Santa, as you fly with your raindeer
Don’t you worry – we will be here!

We have what we want, but just so you know:
Santa, please give another snow-plow to Heathrow!

Merry Christmas from the whole Social Media Team

Christian Kamhaug
Head of Social Media
Scandinavian Airlines

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Back in Berlin

It took us very long to start to write this post. It is so hard to express how wonderful, exciting and emotional the whole journey was. it is also difficult to find the right words to thank all the people who were involved in making this 10 days so unforgettable and special. But we have to start somewhere.

You must know that we have been worried a bit about getting married on a plane. The airplane noises, the press, the shortage of time, turbulences and so on and on… We knew we will make the best out of it but in the end it was much better then we ever could expect it to be.

First of all we would like to thank the guys at SAS. Especially Anders Lindstrom and Christina Ericsson who have always been there for us from the very first moment till the last day. We really hope to see you soon again cause you left a deep impact on our lives.

But also all the other people at SAS you all have been so nice and kind to us. Thank you so much for everything. And of course the crew. Oh my God! THE CREW!

You were so amazing that we were really sad that we had to leave the plane and that does not happened often. There are no words which could express our gratitude to you. You were the LOVE IN THE AIR! Thank you so much.

A big thank you for the pilot and co-pilot who flew us save and so smooth over to NYC like we never flew before! If anyone ever asks us: “Why SAS?”. We would answer: Because of the people who work for SAS, forget the punctuality, interior design or anything else its all about the passion for flying of these people. THANK YOU ALL! You were amazing!

Efva Attling! What a Lady! Thank you for the rings! You are a bomb!

Christofer Fjellner! Thank you for the nice ceremony and for encouraging us to enter the 10,000 miles club :-)   (kidding!!!)

The lovely guys at VisitSweden in Stockholm and New York and of course the people at West Hollywood. WOW WOW WOW! Thanx a lot for everything!

A big thank you also to the people from the press! They were very polite and sweet. It was a thin line between being a part of the wedding and on the other side bothering and stalking which they never crossed. Thank you for that!

For the beautiful flower arrangements we would like to thank Interflora and Geranium Lake Flowers. Well done!!!

Yesterday we have been going through the pictures taken on the LOVE TRIP. It was like going again through the days of our LOVE JOURNEY. We have to thank our photographer Nicole Luettecke for making this possible. You are a wonderful person and we love you so much! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!

And there is of course our own crew we had with us. Alex, Gloria, Jana, Jennifer, Martin, Oliver & Ulrich.

Thank you so much for being a part of our one of a kind wedding. You were there when we needed you the most. Lots of LOVE for all of you! And lets do this again! Who is going to be the next getting married? SAS, ready for round two? (just kidding, Anders!)

Last but not least we have to thank HERR VON EDEN for the gorgeous outfits we were able to wear on our LOVE TRIP and Frank who did the styling. Thank you for making us look so fu**ing good! :-)

Right now we are working on a little movie about the whole trip and the contest and the preparation of the wedding. It is going to be awesome we just screened the whole material. So there is some more to come!

But for now we are saying:
to all of you out there

aleks & shantu

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“I am what I am” performed by SAS crew

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Thomas and Brett got married at the ICEHOTEL

Thomas and Brett, the US winners of the Love is in the air competition, got married Thursday afternoon during  a somewhat cold, but stunningly beautiful ceremony at the ICEHOTEL in northern Sweden.

Even though Thomas and Brett didn’t get married in the air, the SAS crew took the best care of them, and of course, they also got a wedding cake, even though it was technically before their wedding…

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SK903 has landed in New York!

We are in New York, everything has gone fine! Now there will be a special wedding reception for the couples. A lot of surprises to come ;-)

Ewa and Gosia after the cermony.

Aleks and Shantu exchanging rings.

The lovely couple Aleks and Shantu! Stay tuned for more posts ;-)

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Report from SK903

Somewhere south of Iceland (13:42 Stockholm-time):
The SAS Love-flight is now just south of Iceland and wedding cocktail and dinner is served.  The couples just excanged their vows. Very romantic!! Congratulations to Aleks and Shantu and Ewa and Gosia! I didn’t mess up as a bridsmaid!

CE (Reporting live from SK903 via ACARS).

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Stockholm (12:34)
Less than an hour ago, over Borlänge, Sweden Aleks & Shantu and Ewa & Gosia became the first same-sex couples to be married on a commercial airline flight. Congratulations! Christofer Fjellner (center) did a great job! Follow the SAS Love flight on Facebook and Twitter (#sasloveflight)

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Stockholm-Arlanda (10:21):
Passengers and SAS-employees are moving out of the SAS Business Lounge at Arlanda airport, and boarding the SAS Love Flight over at Pier F. Pink champagne and lovely flower arrangements provided by Interflora added a festive atmosphare to the normally quite quiet and business-like lounge here at Terminal 5.

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Christina the bridesmaid!

Stockholm-Arlanda (09:25):
Here’s Christina Ericsson, SAS Director of Online Communications, in the SAS lounge showing off her bridesmaid’s dress, supplied by Karen Millen in Stockholm

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