Preparing the Love-menu

Earlier today, SAS’ two In-flight concepts managers Claes Karlsson and Alexander Lund were on-hands at the catering firm Gate Gourmet at Stockholm-Arlanda airport to confirm the logistics for the Love-menu.

As with all food onboard SAS, also the Love-menu will be ecological and use produce that is close-to-market. Claes also got to sample all the food and decide on the lay-out of which it will be presented onboard.

The wedding menu will start off with canapés: Reindeer, horseradish, lingonberries

The starter is Whitefish roe with sour cream, lemon and red onion with warm, toasted bread.

Claes presents the tray with the starter.

The main course is Gotland lamb (lamb from a Swedish island), served with roasted root vegetables , potato purée and rosemary jus.

For this unique flight, we’re also presenting a special Love is in the air cocktail, which Claes has designed. We won’t give away the special ingredients just now, besides the sweet cloudberry taste. And of course we will finish off with a wedding cake, but we won’t show that until the wedding day ; )

  1. Peter Jangbro says:

    Just the pics of those fantastic dishes gives me a reason to let my girlfriend have her wishes come througj

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