Season’s Greetings from SAS Social Media Team

’Twas a week before Christmas at London-Heathrow
The skies darkened over and it started to snow

And just as they say that it pours when it rains
The snow kept on falling, grounding all planes

Pretty soon all terminals were flowing over
With passengers wanting to go home to their lover

For two long days, not a plane left the ground
And we brought the old Facebook-team around

From early morning, to late at night
We were on Facebook, setting things right

With the help of our friends, all over SAS
We did what we could to help with some class

Rebookings and care, refunds and trains
The questions came back – “Where are the planes?”

Our colleagues all over this great air line
Pulled all the stops, to make it all fine

When it all seemed hopeless, and spirits started to fall
Someone wrote “SAS – you rock!” on our wall

All spirits were lifted and we had another go
Helping out or passengers, stranded by snow

And just as we said: “Enough with this trouble”
“We’re going to London – bring your own shovel!”

The good news came, from that snowed-in aerodrome
“Both runways are open – we’re flying home”

And the news started flowing, on Facebook and Twitter
We’re back in business – we’re leaving this sh***er!”

And as planes rose into that wintery sky
With cheers from every SAS-gal and –guy:

“Let’s fill those airplanes, and don’t groan!”
“We’re finally, finally binging’em home”

With only a few hours until Christimas-dinner,
We’ve proven once again – social media’s a winner!

With lightening speed, and in a folksy tone
We reach out to people’s PC and smart-phone

So next time you find yourself in a mess,
Type in facebook dot com slash S-A-S

So Santa, as you fly with your raindeer
Don’t you worry – we will be here!

We have what we want, but just so you know:
Santa, please give another snow-plow to Heathrow!

Merry Christmas from the whole Social Media Team

Christian Kamhaug
Head of Social Media
Scandinavian Airlines

  1. Lisbeth Lund says:

    Wonderful poem, and so true!! Didn’t know that we even have poets amongst us!! As my American Mom always says “Thank God for SAS”. So proud to be part of this great airline! Now just bring my son safely home from LHR tonight! Merry X-mas to the great FG-team!

  2. Jason Brim says:

    Brilliant poem! You really did save my xmas holiday, after being stuck back in England for a few days. Keep doing the good work.
    Perhaps there should be a message on your website or phonelines because I wasted many hours trying to call before I checked your facebook and was then called from Sweden within 15 minutes. Well done to all of you!

  3. pieter says:

    anyone left with doubts about social media, smartphones?! havent been affected this time but by the vulcano earlier so know what it means. thanks so very much for your help, much appreciated! wishing all of you, where ever in this big tiny world, a merry christmas and a happy healthy prosperous 2011!

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  5. pil schlütter says:

    Love our poem!!! Merry x-mas from a collegue
    Best regards Pil (SAS arrival service CPH)

  6. Lilian Bengtson says:

    Congratulations on your effort ! Passengers appreciate and thank you all for your help !
    God Jul !!

  7. SAS you really do rock. Love the poem.

  8. Thanks for your beautiful Christmas card
    with fantastic poem. I like SAS. The first reason is smiles and hospitality of your cabin attendants and ground staffs. The first secret episode is included my Youtube page. ;D
    Merry Christmas and a happy new year for you.
    Tomoya near Tokyo.

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