Thomas and Brett back in the US

“Though it’s a few days past and over 3,000 miles away from the actual moment of our ceremony, we wanted to thank those responsible for throwing us head first into one of the most exciting experiences we’ve had as a couple. From hitting the ground running in New York City to being hauled across a Hoth-like world by flashlight and sled-dog guidance, we’re still settling into the reality of what we did and what we were given. SAS, VisitSweden and Stockholm Visitors Board spared no expense in exposing us to what Sweden had to offer or, more specifically, what we would have had difficulty financing. They lived up to their promises of surprising us at each transition of the trip, and for those times we had to ourselves, we really couldn’t have asked for better conditions. Framing our time together in the grand scheme of the trip, we began to understand the support network we had amongst ourselves, as well as the team behind the trip. So, thanks to our supporters and sponsors and, to everyone reading, happy new year!”


 ”It’s been almost two weeks since we’ve returned, and it still thrills me that Thomas and I were lucky enough to have our commitment memorialized by a trip to Sweden. The reception in New York City gave me plenty to talk about for months to come. The nights we spent in the ICEHOTEL, farther-north-than-we’ll-ever-probably-be-ever-again-in-our-lives, will be a special memory between us as long as we’re together. I’d like to extend my thanks for a wonderful weekend in Stockholm to VisitSweden, as well as to SAS for a pair of luxurious flights. The company was exceptional, the food unique, and we can’t wait to see everything again someday.”


This is us with  Ben Rousseau, the creator of the “Legacy of the River” room at the ICEHOTEL (the one we spent the night in)

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