The big day is finally here! We’ll update you live from the air!

It’s 8.45 in the morning and we are currently at the SAS Lounge in Stockholm, Arlanda. Interflora is working with the flower arrangements turning our business lounge in to a wedding lounge. With just a few hours to go, the team at Interflora is making sure that everything will be perfect – flowers, colors and design all have to come together. Our crew, gate and lounge staff is here doing the final preparations.

Aleks & Shantu, Ewa & Gosia, guests, media and of course the man performing the ceremony Christofer Fjellner will arrive in the lounge shortly.

We’ll keep you updated live during this whole event, so stay online ;-)

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Lovely video greeting from Geranium Lake Flowers

Kim Foren is the President of Geranium Lake Flowers and we are thrilled and honoured to have her as the florist for the wedding reception in New York tomorrow evening.

We have a lovely greeting from Kim that you can watch here:

Greeting from Kim Foren, Geranium Lake Flowers

Time is flying by as we get ready for the SAS “Love is in the Air” wedding event.  Weddings flowers and décor are always a lot of fun to create – the joy and excitement of the couple and their families rubs off on you – but there’s so much more going on with this event.  We feel like we’re part of a larger moment in history, not unlike the civil rights movement of the 1960s, and it’s thrilling to know that our flowers are part of this important event.

The best part of the whole experience so far is seeing people’s reaction when I tell them about the “Love is in the Air” contest and our part in the project.  Everyone has been thrilled for us and so supportive and positive about our involvement.  They’re also happy to hear that SAS is reaching out to the LGBT community and helping to create a little piece of history by hosting the first same-sex wedding midair on their airline.

The theme for the wedding reception is Winter Wonderland.  I think it’s perfect for a special holiday event wedding, but more on that subject in my next post.  For now, back to work!

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Suitcases arrived -> Suitcases packed
Leaving Berlin -> Arriving Stockholm

The last 24 hours have been full of excitement, fun and happiness.
Due to the snow chaos in Germany our suitcases, which were a kind present from STRATIC, arrived on friday late afternoon.

STRATIC heard about the SAS contest and us as the European winning couple and were happy to equip us with the beautiful suitcase line PC 100 M6.

Suitcases arrived -> Suitcases packedn -> Ready to go!

Suitcases arrived -> Suitcases packedn -> Ready to go!

Saturday morning our LOVE TRIP started officially. With three of our very dear friends who are joining us on this amazing journey we left Berlin. Diego and Vayu our dogs are in loving and caring hands of our Family… what makes us very relaxed!

Here are few impressions of the first part of our Tour.

Leaving Berlin with a lot of luggage. 1st stop Copenhagen!

Leaving Berlin with a lot of luggage. 1st stop Copenhagen!

...a warm "welcome" in Stockholm...

...a warm "welcome" in Stockholm...

We can´t wait to explore Stockholm today. We will keep you updated.


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Aleks and Shantu arrives in Stockholm

Aleks and Shantu arrived at the Hilton Slussen this afternoon in a snowy Stockholm. Just like VIPs there was almost a paparazzi welcoming as BBC filmed their check-in. BBC then followed the boys to the Efva Attling Store where they got try to their rings – which fitted perfectly. In the Efva Attling Store, BBC’s Rajan Datar interviewed the couple as well. Don’t miss it on BBC’s “Fast Track” later this month.

Aleks and Shantu checks in at Hilton Slussen in Stockholm, filmed by BBC and with a photographer in tow.

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Not your average crew briefing

Earlier today, the whole crew of SK903/06DEC gathered at the home of Lasse Olsson. Normally a crew briefing takes place at the airport before departure, but since it’s a special flight, this was a special occasion. Details were finalized, surprises were practised, and, well, that’s all we’ll say right now. But one thing’s for sure, this will be a flight everyone will remember.


Lasse Olsson, on the left, who generously invited the whole crew to his home to prepare for the Love-flight. Anders Lindström on the right is SAS’ PR Director and in charge of the Love is in the air project.

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The same florist as for the Crown princess’ wedding

We are very proud to announce that the florist who will turn our lounge into a wedding lounge and our Business class cabin into something spectacular on Monday is the same florist who was part of another big wedding this year.

At Interflora Sweden the preparations for the wedding day are in full progress. With just a couple of days left to go, the team at Interflora is making sure that everything will be perfect – flowers, colors and design all have to come together.

From Interflora:
”Love is in the air” is a historic moment that we are proud to be part of. Sweden’s most famous and recognized florist, Johan Pettersson, has been assigned by Interflora Sweden to make sure that the flowers from Interflora will complete the perfect day for the wedding couples.

Johan was one of four florists responsible for the flower decorations in Storkyrkan when the Crown Princess of Sweden, Victoria, married Daniel Westling this summer. Johan has won several florist competitions – some of which are Interflora Swedish and Nordic Championship, he also entered
the Interflora World Cup in Shanghai 2010.

Decorating an aircraft and an airport lounge is not something we do every day. With all the security and time restrictions involved, we see this as a challenge to solve in the best way we possibly can. We will have one hour to make sure the lounge, aircraft as well as the staff look marvelous – with a little help
of flowers of course.

Finally, we wish Aleks and Shantu and Ewa and Gosia the best of luck on their big day!

And don’t forget to check the blog on Monday to be the first to see what Johan and Interflora did to the Business lounge in Stockholm ; )

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Revealing the secret

Today we (Ewa and Gosia) have been live on Polish TV channel TVN to talk about last wedding preparations and showed our outfits. The truth was that the clothes they were also surprise for us as fashion designers Michal Starost and Ewa Godun were finishing them just a few hours before the show.

What can we say? Our outfits are just splendid. That’s completely us – Gosia with her love to Chinese style and fantasy world and me, classical but still in pants! You can check them out here (in the second part of the programme):,dziewczyny-na-slubnym-kobiercu,aktualnosc.html

Many, many thanks to Michal, Ewa and Jacek Ostrowski, jewellery designer, who made cuff-links for us.

So that’s it. Bridesmaids said yes, wedding clothes are ready, suitcases awaiting to be packed, cats and dog will be in good hands. Huge day is closer and closer. On Saturday we’re flying to Copenhagen where we’re going to meet Klaus Bodnam, mayor of Copenhagen, who supported us during the contest. And then – Stockholm. Can’t wait to be there, although we’ll miss our Polish friends, who have been so caring and supportive all this time. We’ll be far, far away but our hearts are staying with them.

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Sweet gestures from Dufflet

Sometimes, making a decision is easy.  In the case of our participation with the first same-sex wedding in the air with SAS, VisitSweden and Stockholm Gay & Lesbian Network, it was very easy.  As a long time, active supporter of Toronto’s Gay & Lesbian community, we’ve witness positive changes and work that still needs to be done.  Our involvement includes celebrating Toronto’s Pride Week within the communities that surround our retail cafés and donating regularly to the 519 Community Centre, Fife House & Casey House.  We have also been supporting the CANFAR (Canadian Foundation for Aids Resarch) annual gala since 1988. 

 We’re thrilled to have been asked to take part in this momentous event!  Besides, a wedding isn’t complete until the sweets are served!  Congratulations to all 3 couples!

Sweet Gestures – a history of sweets and marriage

Besides the cake, one the most traditional sweets you find at a wedding are little parcels of white or pastel, candy-coated almonds called “almond dragées” as wedding favors for the guests.  Symbolically, they are meant to represent the bitter/sweet of marriage and a wish for the couple to have more sweet than bitter times in their life together.  It’s a lovely sentiment but we have a few customers that take a deliciously twisted outlook on this tradition and have opted to represent the bitter/sweet with bittersweet chocolate.  We’re not superstitious here at Dufflet but as a guest of a wedding that is giving out bittersweet chocolate favors as bonbonières, we say, “Congratulations, all our love and best wishes and thanks for the chocolate!”

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+ Wedding outfits preview

The time has arrived where we can´t use the term “week” anymore. Now its only “days”.

We would lie if we´d say that we are cool and relaxed. But the closer the wedding is coming the happier we are.

We already started the last week before the wedding with the celebration. On Friday one of our animation projects we have been working on has been aired on the second German national television.
Its a animation about graphic novels and we worked together on it with our friend Benjamin. Here is a link for those who are interested to see how it looks like:

The same evening Aleks turned 32. Two reasons to have a small party with dear friends. The rest of the weekend we have been going through the wedding schedule, made some TO DO lists and of course recovered from the birthday party. :-)

One of the things, bold marked, on our TO DO list was the fitting for our outfits for the wedding.

Herr von Eden was so kind to support us and to provide us with the perfect glamourous and classy outfits. Frank Wilde, our friend and also stylist for Perfectprops, helped us choosing and arranging the outfits. We have filmed a bit during the fitting so you guys get a glimpse of what we will wear.

Njoy the video!

The fitting for the outfits of the world’s first gay wedding in the air! Many thanks to Herr von Eden! Special thanks to Frank Wilde.

Kisses and hugs
from very very very cold Berlin


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Unveiling the rings

We (Efva Attling Stockholm) are very proud to be a part of SAS Love is in the air project with the donation of our rings to the three winning couples. The three couples all opted for different rings:

Aleks & Shantu's rings

A classic plain ring was chosen by Aleks & Shantu, the Soft Ring, to make your relationship smooth with a lot of love.


Ewa & Gosia's rings


Ewa & Gosia chose a more modern ring with the same romantic message as Brett & Thomas, “From here to eternity”.

Brett & Tomas' rings

Brett & Thomas chose our classic wedding ring Thin Oval with the engraving “From here to eternity” What could be more romantic than having the picture in the back of your mind of Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr kissing on the beach. Sunny salty sexy… The film was From here to eternity.

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